Sustained Reaction

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Welcome to Sustained Reaction - the board for discussions regarding the legacy of Carlos Castaneda, the nature of reality, and our relationship to the world around us. You are invited to post any points of interest about these topics and to discuss them with others. Discussions are primarily devoted to an evidence-based evaluation of the claims of Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts. While issues may get heated please try to keep your temper cool and not go overboard with insults and obnoxious behavior. This is the discussion board for the website You should probably familiarize yourself with its content in order to understand the emphasis of this board. Also, please read the Rules of the Road and Charter (to be found in the forum list below) before posting. The posts and viewpoints expressed herein are not the responsibility of the founders, the administration, or the moderators of Sustained Reaction. Expressed views are for discussion and entertainment purposes only.


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