Hi everyone (to do some greeting to people is just an german behaviour, which was implantet by very powerful people into the german minds, sorry for that)
I am sad. I am sad like hell, not to be able to reply to the feedback forum. I am unable to place any values to the feedback loop. To place value is my first choise. To be bound my last. Obviously my kind of free speech doesent fit the positive feedback signals form of expression, which was expected in the first place in this place.
Please can someone reenable this person of mine to the feedback forum? It would be a great pleasure for me, and - of course a thread of your view of free speech. But nevertheless it would be interessting for both  i think. You would be able to put my English to the test, make me look ridiculous, totally absent of any kind of real world view?  There is really no harm from me, but in your mind. Surely you have to defense, but its totally senseless to defend, where there is no offense. I am like a dog, just playing. In fact I am sweet like an autums apple juice. Diarreha is just the reaction, to natural juice i think. But its organic and has no potential to do harm  per se. Just cleaning kind of thing.