"Some of you have watched a flower winding up a string, a morning glory winding around a string. Perhaps you have seen a vine climbing up a lattice, and you have watched the end coming out, and turning in, back and forth, between the interstices of the lattice. How does the vine know what to do? There is an intelligence that is present in the plant, in all vegetation…" John Kellogg - of cereal fame. 

Kellogg was attacked and shunned because he thought and stated that this intelligence was "God". 
Of  course he was right.. and the multitudes that were so shocked by Kellogg were the ones that were wrong. 
The uptight religionists had created a much less accurate explanation of what is "God".. an explanation not based on the real world.. and the difference between what they believed and what Kellogg was observing and pointing out was so extreme that there was always big reaction whenever these opposing ideas collided.

"Take the sunflower, for example. It looks straight at the sun. It watches and follows the sun all day long, looking straight at it all the time; and as the sun dips down below the horizon, you see that sunflower still looking at it; and as the sun turns around and comes up in the morning, the flower is looking toward the sun rising. It is God in the sunflower that makes it do this…"

This picture of God is far more accurate than God sitting on a throne stroking his beard and commanding all the things in the universe to serve him first and then serve his humble creation .. man.

If we had not had the absurd and childish belief about God as a man on a throne hammered into our thinking ..(and into the group mind)..  there would not be so much problem accepting "God" as the inter-connectedness and the intelligence and presence of being. 

Really.. once you realize there is ultimately no non being..  there is rationally nothing else that "God" could be than everything.
Sure you can quibble that God is not a necessary term then. .  but God is in a way a term for the awesomeness of being. 

I don't mind keeping the term in semi retirement.. in particular because it can play such havoc with some people's ability to think clearly..  Look how many people believe in God the person.   It is a world wide short circuit of reason.
But  on the other hand.. leaving aside centuries of madness and wasted lives..  "God!" makes a great exclamation. 
So when the scientist who isolated the mechanism of how a mouse-ear cress seed germinates- or does not germinate by signaling to itself... the scientist would be right.. upon pinning down the mechanism.. to exclaim "God!"  ..or "eureka!".
Very much the same thing. 
In clearer awareness.. absent the craziness about it..   God is a term we use to sum up and enhance our awareness and appreciation for things.  Too bad it got so ruined by culty groups of people with fantastic and fictional ideas about our universe and our being. That has been a huge setback for our understanding.

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